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Psikoloji Ana Bilim Dalı

Psikoloji Ana Bilim Dalı

Psychology; is a science that aims to study human behavior.  it has been added to these purpose try to understand emotions and thought processe in the development of psychology. Peoples considered as a whole with their emotions, behaviours and thougts. Framework of science  people discussed as a biological, environmental, cultural and historical assets. Psychology tried to obtain generalizable inferences with Observable, testable, repeatable and with falsifiable information. Department of Psychology aims to provide graduates that will specialize and work in various areas of psychology.
The main objective of the Department of Psychology;
· To understand the human and produce scientific knowledge in the field  of human behavior;
· To provide learning the scientific method;
· Provide vision for the application areas of psychology;
· Conduct scientific research, produce projects and o publish scientific articles in the field of psychology,
Specilization in Psychology

Clinical psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, industrial and organizational psychology, experimental psychology, health psychology, neuropsychology, sport psychology, forensic psychology  are fileds of psychology which students can specialize after 4 year bachelor’s degree.
Job oppurtunities

Our graduates can works as a psychologist such as areas; human resources department, research companies, consulting centers, guidance and research centers, schools, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, special education centers, hospitals, prisons.
1st Semester
SıraCourse CodeCourse NameStatusCredit
1 PSK105 History of Psychology Compulsory2
2 PSK101 İntroduction to Psychology I Compulsory3
3 PSK103 Physiological Psychology Compulsory3
4 INT100 Orientation Compulsory1
5 TDP101 Social Responsibility Project I Compulsory2
6 AİİT101 Principles of Atatürk and History of Reforms I Compulsory2
7 TÜR101 Turkish Language And Literature I Compulsory2
8 İNG101 English I Compulsory2
9 İST101 Statistic I Compulsory3
2nd Semester
SıraCourse CodeCourse NameStatusCredit
1 PSK102 İntroduction to Psychology II Compulsory3
2 PSK104 Social Psychology Compulsory3
3 PSK106 Cognitive Psychology Compulsory3
4 TDP102 Social Responsibility Project II Compulsory2
5 AİİT102 Principles of Atatürk and History of Reforms II Compulsory2
7 İST102 Statistic II Compulsory2
3rd Semester
SıraCourse CodeCourse NameStatusCredit
1 PSK203 Developmental Psychology I Compulsory3
2 PSK205 Childhood and Adolescence Psychopathology Compulsory3
3 PSK211 Health Psychology Elective2
4 PSK213 Educational Psychology Elective2
5 PSK215 İntroduction to Sociology Elective2
6 PSK217 İntroduction to Philosophy Elective2
7 SBU207 Human Rights Elective2
8 PSK219 Special Trainig Elective2
9 PSK221 Presentation Techniques Elective2
10 İNG201 English II Elective2
4th Semester
SıraCourse CodeCourse NameStatusCredit
1 PSK202 Applied Statistic Compulsory3
2 PSK204 Developmental Psychology II Compulsory3
3 PSK206 Forensic Psychology Compulsory3
4 PSK214 Behavioural Disorders Elective2
5 PSK224 İnterpersonal Communication Skills Elective2
6 PSK220 Sports Psychology Elective2
7 PSK210 Non-Test Techniques Elective2
8 PSK212 Psychology of Perception Elective2
9 PSK216 Traffic Psychology Elective2
10 İNG202 English IV Elective2
5th Semester
SıraCourse CodeCourse NameStatusCredit
1 PSK303 Psychological Testing Compulsory3
2 PSK301 Psychotherapeutic Approaches I Compulsory3
3 PSK305 Psychopathology I Compulsory3
4 SOS301 Research Methods in Social Sciences Compulsory3
5 PSK313 Life Cycle and Adjustment Issues Elective2
6 PSK319 Child and Justice Elective2
7 PSK323 Addictions Elective2
8 PSK315 Atypical Child Psychology Elective2
9 PSK317 İntroduction to Antrophology Elective2
10 PSK321 Motivation and Excitement Elective2
11 İNG301 English III Elective2
6th Semester
SıraCourse CodeCourse NameStatusCredit
1 PSK302 Psychotherapeutic Approaches II Compulsory3
2 PSK306 Psychopathology II Compulsory3
3 PSK308 İnterview Techniques Compulsory3
4 PSK318 Cross Cultural Psychology Elective2
5 PSK322 Noropsychology Elective2
6 PSK314 Social Antrophology Elective2
7 PSK316 Biological Psychology Elective2
8 PSK320 Communication Elective2
9 PSK324 Projective Tests Elective2
10 İNG302 English VI Elective2
7th Semester
SıraCourse CodeCourse NameStatusCredit
1 PSK401 Individual interviews App Compulsory3
2 PSK403 Current Research in Psychology Compulsory3
3 PSK405 Psychological Support After Trauma Compulsory3
4 PSK407 Psychopharmachology Compulsory3
5 PSK421 Internship Compulsory0
6 PSK413 Wisc- R Intelligence Test Elective2
7 PSK415 Group Dynamics and Conflit Elective2
8 PSK417 Experimental Approaches in Psychology Elective2
9 PSK419 Selected Topics in Developmental Psychology Elective2
10 İNG401 English VII Elective2
8th Semester
SıraCourse CodeCourse NameStatusCredit
1 PSK408 Graduation Projects Compulsory2
2 PSK402 Group Therapies Compulsory3
3 PSK404 Psychology Seminar Elective3
4 PSK406 Ethics in Psychology Elective3
5 PSK418 Introduction to Psychoanalysis Elective2
6 İNG402 English VIII Elective2
7 PSK412 Crisis İntervention and Support Elective2
8 PSK414 Pkay Therapy Elective2
9 PSK416 Personality Tests Elective2