Program Qualification | Psikoloji | Hasan Kalyoncu Üniversitesi


Program Qualification

Upon completion of the program, our graduating students will be equipped with the following competencies:

  1. They will know the historical development process of the science of psychology.
  2. They will possess a sufficient scientific foundation in psychology and its subfields.
  3. They can elucidate social and societal issues using the knowledge acquired from the science of psychology.
  4. They will acquire scientific thinking and research skills, gaining a versatile perspective.
  5. They will critically evaluate research conducted in the field of psychology.
  6. Acting as individuals, they will adhere to scientific and ethical principles while fulfilling their professional duties and responsibilities.
  7. They will develop the ability to view human nature through different psychological theories and approaches.
  8. They will have a foundational knowledge of various theoretical approaches and perspectives in psychology (behavioural, biological, cognitive, evolutionary, humanistic, psychodynamic, sociocultural, etc.).
  9. They will possess skills in designing scientific research, collecting data, interpreting and analysing results using relevant statistical techniques and drawing conclusions.